RLA 2016 Drowning Report

The Australian Leisure Facilities Association of Queensland (ALFAQ) is a member based organisation representing commercial and public pool facilities across Queensland. ALFAQ currently has 112 members.

35 members participated in the inaugural State Of The Industry Report, a benchmarking Aquatic Facility Study, which will be conducted annually by ALFAQ.

ALFAQ President Dan Kwaczynski said the benchmarking study aimed to assist Managers, Lessees and Government organisations to understand where the industry stands on a raft of issues and perhaps more importantly, for facility owners and managers to gauge where their own facilities sit relative to the rest of the industry.

Our ambition as an industry is to assist Aquatic Facilities to understand and ultimately achieve best practice in facility safety, swimming lessons and public programs, user facilities, water quality, clarity and usage and energy efficiency, so they can thrive for many years into the future.

There are currently hundreds of public and commercially operated pools (such as hotel resorts etc) across Queensland, that are accessed daily by the public. We hope to see more of these pools represented by ALFAQ and an increase in participation in future surveys, as members begin to see the value in benchmarking performance across the industry.

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